This Will Be The Summer I Didn’t Accomplish Much

This summer, I have plans to get so much accomplished. I want to redecorate the master bedroom, reorganize all the closets in everyone’s bedrooms, finally read the 20 books I have purchased and haven’t had time to read, go to the gym longer each day to work on getting more fit, write more and work on getting articles published, and of course hang with my kids and plan some fun things for us to do while school is out.

Guess what? I’ve only accomplished one thing on that list, and summer is already halfway over.

I’ve been spending all my summer time with my kids, and all those other goals just haven’t happened. Fun with the kids and reconnecting with them during our “time off” has become my priority.  Sure, I still have six weeks that I could really buckle down and take the kids with me to shop at Home Goods to work on a new bedroom for me and Eric. I could get up earlier and spend more time taking some classes at the gym rather than walking for 30 minutes each evening. I could sit on the couch each day and read and read and read to get through all those books sitting up in my closet waiting to be read this summer. I could set aside a few hours each day and really work hard on submitting more articles and stories and make an effort to get published more.

But, you know what? I don’t think it’s going to happen….because I’m having fun hanging out with my girls and doing things with them. We have gone on vacation, out for ice cream for lunch, to the swimming pool, and to the park. We’ve spent time watching movies, making crafts, baking, and cuddling on the couch.  I love that we have these weeks to really spend time together. During the school year, the only time we seem to see each other is on our drives heading from one activity to another until it’s time to head home and go to bed. I had been missing having fun with my girls. I had been missing getting to have long, non-rushed conversations with them. This summer, I decided to focus on them. And it’s been the best decision ever.

We have been chillin’ this summer.  It’s truly a break for all four of us.

Yep, there’s a lot I was hoping to accomplish before school and work start up again in August. The world’s not going to end if none of those things get done, though.  I’m realizing this summer that spending time with my girls without the anxiety or stress of trying to accomplish a million things is the most relaxing summer we’ve had ever.

And I plan to continue enjoying it.  Those things on that list can wait. I’m busy loving  my “The Summer I Didn’t Accomplish Much”.