I Want To Hear What Your Feedback About One Inspired Mom

I started this blog, One Inspired Mom, back in November. It’s been such a fun experience, and the site has provided me with the opportunity to write more (hurray!). I love sharing posts about anything that inspires or interests me that I think would inspire and interest you too.

One Inspired Mom’s viewership has grown, and posts have reached up  to 450  people. Wow! I seriously never expected more than a handful of friends following One Inspired Mom.  I never imagined receiving comments about posts from people I have never met.  I’m excited, inspired, and grateful that so many of you take a few minutes to read and respond to posts on this blog. Thank you for stopping by!

I want to keep growing, and I’m looking for feedback from you all. What do you really like about One Inspired Mom? What are your dislikes? Do the posts inspire or connect with you in some way? What would you like to see more of?

My goal is to add more pages to the site so you can find even more stories and information. What would you love to see? Sections with book reviews, product reviews, crafts for kids, recipes, etc.?

Let me know! Help me grow :). I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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