I Will Help You When You Fall–A Lesson In Kindness

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much my little ones actually know. I’m not talking about school or homework. But about kindness, caring for others, and doing what’s right.

Maddie and Claire came home from school a couple of weeks ago, and they decided they each wanted to make a paper doll out of poster board. I had a few pieces here at home, so I gave them each a sheet, and they began designing their dolls. When they were done with them, we hung them on the refrigerator so we all could see their artwork.

When I looked closer at them, though, I noticed that both of them had placed a heart on their doll, and the hearts had the same message written on them.

Of course, I’m an emotional one, so I got a little teary-eyed reading the sweet message they both had written onto their dolls’ hearts.

“What does that mean?” I asked Claire.
“I wrote it about our family, because that’s what we do,” Claire told me. “When Maddie needs help, I am there to help her.”
“And I help Claire when she needs me,” said Maddie.

I hugged these girls so tightly. Because, isn’t that so true? Isn’t that how we all should live? We all need friends or family members that would help us when we fall down, and we would help too.  I can think of some friends that have been there for me when I have fallen. They helped me up, cared for me, and encouraged me (or calmed my fears). I’m so grateful for those friendships and their help. How lucky I am to have Eric and the girls by my side each day. My husband and children know when I’m in need of their support, and they scoop me up and love me when I’ve fallen.

Thank you, my littlest girls, for the special reminder how important it is to be supported and loved by others. I will help you, too, when you fall. I love you.