Today’s Inspiration: The Wife Life of a Hard-Working Husband

Being the wife of a hard-working businessman is tough. I know many of you are in the same boat–husbands that work 11-12 hours a day. Ones that can’t get home in time for dinner or kids’ bedtimes. Dads that are unable to assist with driving kids to after-school activities or events because there’s work he’s committed to. No time during the week to volunteer as a coach. Weekends where husbands spend hours checking on and responding to emails and reports. It’s a super-exhausting life for him. And it’s just as super-exhausting for us moms too.

Many nights and weeks, I take on the role of single mom at our house. Eric works a lot, and he travels out of town for a bit each month. The girls and I eat dinner without him often (his dinner sits in the fridge for him to reheat when he gets home late at night). We do homework without him. He misses many sporting activities and special events because he’s out of town or stuck at work.

Some days are harder than others. I miss my husband, and I wish he was home with us more often. I dream of how nice it would be to have him home at 6pm each night to help with the girls, ¬†eat dinner with us, and spend some time with me. On the easier days, I’m so very proud of my husband for how hard he works and how much he provides for our family. I’m able to work part-time (or not work if I chose to) and spend more time with our daughters. We are lucky to live in a great neighborhood and afford things like house repairs and vacations. The girls and I have a great weekly routine, and the days he does try to get home early sometimes gets stressful trying to “fit him into our schedule” while keeping the evening running smoothly. His long hours and travel have become routine the past few years, and it has become a common schedule for our family.

Eric does do his best to make time for family, and I know he’d much rather have more hours to spend with us each week. He plans “dates” with the girls to take them to movies or lunch. He pulls out board games and has competitions with the them. He is more than happy to have a night out with me when we can squeeze one into our busy schedule.

When the days are tough doing the “single mom” thing, I just remind myself that this is the life we have chosen for our family. We are blessed with all we have, and I am grateful for a hard-working husband who provides so much for me and the girls. Eric, thank you.