Today’s Inspiration: A Week (So Far) Without Facebook and Pinterest

On February 1st, I decided to give Facebook and Pinterest a break for the month. I was finding it was a huge time-waster for me, and I was spending time scrolling through my Facebook feed instead of really being present most of the evening at home. I would easily spend an hour or more each day on my phone, reading posts while my daughters were sitting next to me doing their homework. I would look at it to check how many likes my post got while I was eating dinner with my daughters. I would check it on my phone while waiting at a red light.

I did decide I would only check Pinterest or Facebook once a month, and I would try to limit my time when I checked in each week. Here’s what I realized by taking a break this week:

-I am so much more present for my daughters. I was able to assist with homework questions right away rather than respond with, “hold on a second, let me just finish posting something”.  I seemed to have more time to sit and just enjoy being with them on the couch cuddling after dinner, without my phone sitting next to me. They were calmer, and so was I.

-I have about a dozen books sitting in my bedroom that I’ve been trying to find time to read. Since February 1st, I have been able to read two of them!

-I have found that I don’t really miss all the drama, political posts, etc. on Facebook. I also don’t miss searching for styles to post to my “My Style” or my “Preschool Crafts” boards that are already saturated with thousands of pins. Not searching for pins or scrolling through and responding to lots of posts makes for a much more peaceful day.

There are some things I do miss by taking a social media break. It is nice to have Facebook to be able to see what far-away friends are up to, to offer condolences or words of support for friends who are having hard times, and to wish happy birthdays. I miss posting pictures and updates about the girls for friends and family that are out of town and use Facebook to keep in touch.

I’ll continue to take a break from Facebook and Pinterest the rest of this month, and I’ll only check in once a week. I do think that once March arrives, I will limit the minutes that I check social media each day so I continue to make time to enjoy in-person time with family and friends and so I have more calm and less stress in my days.