Today’s Inspiration: The Truth

Here’s the truth:

My kids eat out more than they eat in because I hate to cook. There is junk food in my house all the time. I could be more fit, but I can easily come up with excuses to not work out. I’m lucky if I can manage to get all the kids to bed by 8pm, and one of the twins sleeps in my room almost every night. I don’t know how parents manage all their kids’ activities each week–it exhausts me so I limit how much they do. Eric travels often, and I find single parenting those weeks to be stressful. I am awful at asking for help. My daughter is way better at math (and pretty much every subject) than I am. I am not a good decorator. I volunteer, but not as much as I should. I have a ton of Pinterest boards but I hardly go back and use what I’ve pinned. I am not very crafty. I love the friends I have, but I love being alone often. I have many friends, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a BFF. This is me. My life is not perfect and I’m not good at much. But I love my husband and my kids and my friends/family fiercely, and we are happy. That’s most important to me.