Today’s Inspiration: This Tired Mom Is Going To Implement “Mom Office Hours”

I love, love, love my kids and my husband. But they can overwhelm me with requests. All day long I am needed. Texts at work from my husband asking me if I remembered to leave a check for the lawn guy or if I remembered to pick up his dry cleaning. ┬áKids asking me to help with homework, take them to the library or return their books, permission slips to be filled, and on and on and on. All day long. Every single day. It’s exhausting. So exhausting that I really have not sat on our couch to chill for more than ten minutes the past five years or so.

So I have a new plan. This mom is going to implement Office Hours. Here’s how it’s going to work, dear kids and husband: Every day, I’ll have an Office Hour. During that hour, I’ll hang out at the kitchen table and you can meet me in my “office” to ask me to sign school agendas, help with a math problem, remind me of things that need sent into school, errands you might need my help with, and so forth. If you don’t catch me during my Office Hour, you will have to wait until I reopen the next day.

Maybe, just maybe, this will give me some of my own time during the evening to read, actually watch a TV show live rather than a DVR’d one at 2am, or eat dinner and not have to scarf it down in five minutes.

Hope you are ready, kids and husband. My office isn’t open 24-7 anymore!