Today’s Inspiration: Thank You, Blog Followers!

I’m so blessed–and it’s all thanks to you all!

I want to say thank you. It’s been about four months since I decided to start writing this blog. So far, I’ve written 41 posts. Over 85 friends and family have liked or have become followers of One Inspired Mom on Facebook, and I’m up to 30 subscribers on this site. You all rock!

I appreciate all your support–I know that my writing might be boring, it might not relate to your life at all, or reading blogs might not be your thing. Despite that, you are willing to provide support with personal texts or conversations with me regarding One Inspired Mom, you like my posts on Facebook, or you share my posts with others. A million times over, thank you!

While One Inspired Mom might never grow large, and it might not be read much or often, I am so grateful for finding a space to write and share ideas and thoughts, personal experiences and memories.

You are so appreciated! I hope you’ll continue to read on!