Today’s Inspiration: Singletons

Every day, I’m amazed by my sweet, oldest daughter, Avery. I’m sure she’s no different than most girls her age, but my mind only thinks in twin mode. How could I not? I’ve always been “one of the twins”. Then, of all miracles, I have my own set of twins. I watch Claire and Madison while at the playground, and I know exactly what my twin girls are thinking–we aren’t ever alone. If we get nervous or feel small, we have each other. I had that with my twin sister too. Instant friend, someone to giggle with, someone who understood all my feelings and fears, someone to share secrets with anytime I wanted to, someone to give me comfort anytime I needed it. How does Avery do it all alone, single-handedly, I wonder? Seriously…it must be so difficult to walk into a party alone as a kid, to start middle school in a new building on her own, to figure out her own homework without a homework buddy sitting next to her. This girl impresses me so much every day. I’m in awe of how she gracefully and easily┬ámanages being a non-twin. She is a rock star in my eyes!


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