Today’s Inspiration: For The Preschool Mom Regarding Wardrobe Wars

Dear Preschooler Mom,

I know that things can be stressful in the mornings and that getting your child ready for preschool can be challenging some (or all) days. There’s something I want you to know–I don’t care what your child wears to preschool.

I know that you might have other children whose school day starts earlier and it’s easiest for you to put your preschooler in the car in his pajamas rather than wake him up at the crack of dawn. I also know that sometimes your child wants to wear pajamas to school.

I know that your daughter might put 10 brightly-colored bows in her hair and want to wear her new hairdo to preschool to show her friends and teachers..

I know that your child might want to dress himself and prefers his red-checkered shirt with his purple shorts and cowboy boots.

I know that your son might have a favorite dinosaur shirt and want to wear it to school. Every single day.

As your child’s teacher, I want you to know that I don’t care what your child wears to school. I want your child to come to school happy, comfortable, and feeling good. My classroom is not a fashion show. My classroom is a place to learn through play, make friends, practice social skills, and have fun.

Please let your child wear his pajamas to school if he wants to. Let your daughter wear all those bows in her hair because she’s so proud of her work.Let your child show off his unique and creative style. Let your child wear the same shirt if it helps him feel more comfortable coming to school.  I want your child to know that my classroom is a place he can come to and feel loved, valued, and secure.


Your Preschool Teacher