I Need a Vacation from Our Family Vacation

I might need a vacation from our family vacation.

Don’t get me wrong…I look forward to our family vacations. Besides visiting nearby family, my husband, the kids and I only go on a family vacation once (if we are lucky, twice) a year. I count down the days until we get to head out of town. Vacation means this mom doesn’t have to do laundry for the week, no chores or errands, no cleaning the house, and no school or extracurricular activities. It means getting to spend time together, the five of us, with no other interruptions. We get to go to places we haven’t seen before and enjoy being with each other. We get to relax–kind of…

As much as I dream of getting away, part of me dreads vacation. I find it (or maybe I make it?) stressful. Vacation means I have to pack for myself and three girls. It means lots of research, planning where to stay, what we will do during the trip, and figuring out places we can eat. Vacation means driving for hours in the car with three children complaining, “I’m bored” or “She’s pinching me” or “I’m hungry” or “This is SO boring. How much longer?” Vacation means our family of five squeezing into a standard hotel room with two queen beds. The girls end up complaining about having to share a bed, one of the girls insists she’s afraid of the dark so the bathroom light has to stay on all night, and my husband keeps me up with his snoring all night. ┬áSomeone’s too hot, or someone’s too cold. It means five people sharing one bathroom for the week. I try to keep our hotel room neat, but it’s pretty much impossible and I get anxious over keeping the dirty clothes in the “dirty clothes suitcase” and that clean clothes are kept neat and organized in the other suitcases.

Despite the stress of vacation time, it really is worth it. Having time just to focus on the kids and my husband is the most special time for me. Having conversations with each other without work emails or work obligations or daily home chores to interrupt that time is priceless. I love the memories we are making as a family.

Vacation? Bring it on! Let’s get away–I am grateful for our time out of town. (But mommy might need a little vacation of her own afterwards!).