Today’s Inspiration: Meeting The One

When I was younger, people would constantly tell me, “When you meet the right one, you’ll know.” Did you? I sure didn’t. I met Eric when I was living in St. Louis and he was here in Charlotte. He was friendly and seemed nice, but that was it for awhile–just a friend that was fun to hang out with when I visited family in Charlotte, was easy to talk to, and someone who made me laugh a lot once I got to know him. I didn’t have an inkling that Eric was “the one”. Not one. I liked artsy guys or extreme sport ones, not banker dudes. That was not for me. Those guys sounded so boring.

While I was searching through the wrong ones, God was patient–two years patient–and one day it clicked for me when a friend of mine said, “All you talk about is this Eric friend of yours. Why aren’t you dating him? It sounds like you enjoy spending time with him.” Luckily, Eric was thinking the same thing; and we agreed that we’d be a great team together.

I’m so blessed that even though it took some time, what I needed and what was my “one” the entire time was right in front of me.