Today’s Inspiration: Living With Intention This Season

We are a couple weeks into Lent. Lots of folks give things up for Lent (chocolate, Facebook, swearing, etc.). Some do reverse Lent challenges (get rid of one thing a day for 40 days to de-clutter your house, etc.).

This year, I’ve decided to try something different. I’m late in the game, as I gave up Peeps (my very favorite candy–and giving them up at Easter season is always quite a challenge) for Lent and am sticking to that decision. But this weekend, I saw a reverse Lent idea that I’m going to add on to each day from now until Easter.

The idea comes from The challenge is” Lent Photo-a-Day”, and it’s easy. Each day, from March 1st until April 16th, a word is ¬†listed ¬†and your challenge is to share a photo each day that goes with the word. You can describe the picture if you want, post it on social media if you want, not say anything about the picture, keep it on your phone or computer, etc. However you decide to share it (or not share it) is totally up to you. It’s your time to use the image and the word to reflect on what it means to you, it’s importance to you, and how it makes you feel.

I love this idea. A word to think about each day, and finding just the right picture each day to describe each word, will help me choose to be reflective. To live with intention. Pictures and images can “say” so many things to so many people.

Are you still looking for a way to reflect this Easter season? The “Lent Photo-a-Day” might work for you too. The list of words for this season is listed below: