Today’s Inspiration: Yes, These Leggings ARE My Pants

Are leggings pants? Are they a look? I think they are. Call me a trendy mom or a frumpy mom with my leggings look–call it what you want–but I call it OK.

Along with losing myself, some people probably look at me and think I have lost any sense of style.  When the girls were smaller and I stayed home with them, the “frumpy mom” look was my staple. I’d throw on some yoga pants or leggings,  and an old t-shirt. No make-up, no hairstyle, no need for jewelry. I was with kids all day at home, getting spit-up on or cleaning up after everyone, so why would I need to wear something nice? By nice, I mean blue jeans and a pretty shirt that didn’t say “Nike” on it. Seriously, I never thought once about my style and it was all good.

Then, I went to work. and I knew I needed to ramp things up a bit. I began wearing necklaces and scarves, nice jeans or dress pants, sweaters and dress shoes or boots. No sweats or sneakers anymore. I wore some makeup, and I felt good. I started ordering clothes from Stitch Fix to get some of the latest styles. It was so helpful because with little girls at home, I didn’t have to drag everyone to the store to try on clothes.

But this year….I’ve fallen back into my old look again. I love leggings and long sweaters and shirts. It’s comfortable and cozy. I don’t have to tug on the zipper on my size four jeans. I can dress them up (throw some cool boots on with them) or dress them down (sneakers). I”m OK with my yoga pants too, and I’ve found a new love for them.  I know there are non-believers out there that think leggings are not pants. Leggings (and yoga pants) have no place in the dress-up world. But I’m sticking with my leggings when I choose to wear them.  I’m just going to go with my frumpy mom style (or trendy mom if you are a leggings lover) on those days I can’t do the pants thing–and it’s all good.