Today’s Inspiration: To the Judging Mom

Dear Mom that Judges Other Moms,

I  know I am one of the moms that you choose to judge.  My girls have processed foods in their lunchbox. We eat out A LOT because I hate to cook.  I try to get the girls into bed by 8pm (and 9pm for the oldest one), but that doesn’t always happen. Guess what? I let them sleep in my bed if they can’t fall asleep. If they sleep in their clothes they wore all day, I don’t care. My younger girls read Junie B. Jones, and I’m OK that they say, “shut up” in the book. I am not worried that they will go around saying it to everyone they see. Each of my girls are only allowed to do two activities each because I cannot handle more than that–I don’t have them signed up for piano and chess and all those activities that are supposed to make them “smarter”. My kids eat their breakfast on the couch. I don’t volunteer nearly as much as I used to–but I do what I can because I am doing all I can already. Sometimes I prefer to send in needed supplies because I simply do not have time during the week to get to the classroom.

So, if you want to judge me for how I am raising my girls, go for it. If you want to talk about how I miss so many school events or that I’m always in sweatpants and no make-up when I’m not working–go ahead.  All of us moms are just doing the best we can, the best way we know how. I’m raising good, strong, hard-working girls that have great values. I love them more than anything. That’s more important (to me) than what our day consists of.

To all the moms out there, do it your way and mom the best way you know how to mom.