Today’s Inspiration: Hot Mess Momma

I am no super mom. I am one of those moms that never have it all together. I’m surprised at how many moms comment how impressed they are that I manage three girls and a job while my husband travels, but I truly am a hot mess.

My kids and I eat out a lot. Every Wednesday night is a dinner out. Mondays usually consists of a pizza order. Chick-fil-A is a weekly staple. And the days we don’t go out, dinner is cereal and milk, soup from a can, or sandwiches and chips or fruit. To make it fancy, we often eat  “picnic style” with a blanket on the floor in front of a movie or TV show.  Days I actually cook, the girls ask me what the special occasion is.

While other moms around me are dressed up each day with makeup on and the latest designer purse or name-brand shoes thrown in the mix, I’ve got my yoga pants thrown on with a t-shirt that hopefully isn’t too wrinkled. I am not good at putting on make-up, so it’s rare if I have any on. The time it takes to iron nice clothes and blend, contour and get made-up  is too much time for me to spare. As much as I’d love to look great, life is way too busy, so do not expect any fashion shows from this mom.

My youngest girls do not like sleeping in their rooms. They sleep with their big sister in her room, they snooze on the living room couch, and sometimes they wander into my bedroom and crawl into bed. By the end of the day, I’m so exhausted I’ll let the girls sleep anywhere so I can grab a little shut-eye of my own.

My days are filled with kids, work, homework, and after-school activities. If my husband isn’t home from work by 9pm, he’s not going to get any of my time (unfortunately). My day is over at that point, and this momma is worn out and done.

Despite all this, I love my kids and my family fiercely. That’s more important than what meals we eat, what clothes and make-up we wear, and where we sleep…So, yes, I’m a hot mess; but I do what I can each day, and that’s enough.

Be who you are momma, and be enough for you and your family.