Today’s Inspiration: I am a Domestic Disaster

I am a domestic disaster.

My family has been talking about moving for the past year. Because of my dad’s job resulting in multiple relocations growing up, I’m used to moving every three to five years. Living in the Charlotte area, and living in our house for eight years now is, well, LONG. I’ve never lived in one place for so many years. I’ve got the itch to move. So we are in the phase of deciding if we should look for a new house or stay put.

But as much as I try to be organized, there’s still clutter. Cabinets are stuffed full, there’s toys all over the playroom. One of my girls is a hoarder and wants to keep every single picture or story she creates. Yes, I sweep up each day, the house looks clean, I can get all our laundry done, get everyone to their appointments and activities, and the cat litter is scooped constantly. But, all the other stuff, like closets, cabinets, and storage spaces in the house are pretty disastrous. And thinking about finding the energy to clean up those spaces and reorganize them creates more anxiety and heart flutters than I can deal with.

So–do I continue my disastrous ways and just leave it and be happy with where we are in life? Is staying in our house enough? Is the clutter just fine? Or do I stress myself out and spend a few weeks cleaning out cabinets, buying storage bins to pack away extra “stuff”? Do I make multiple trips to Goodwill and purge any toys and clothes that are taking up space? Then attempt to keep the house sparkling clean and sparse throughout the real estate listing phase–with three kids, four pets, and a messy husband?

Or, do I just continue to be a domestic disaster? Do I leave things as they are, and just enjoy where we are right now and be OK with keeping things the same?

Because, even though I’m used to moving every few years, I’m starting to get used to this domestic disaster stuff….:)