Today’s Inspiration: The Day We (Sadly) Realized We Needed a Minivan

I never had any desire to be a minivan-driving mom. Never. As a young adult, I thought minivans were not very cool at all. They were ugly. I would never be caught dead driving one. No way. Nada.

Eric and I had our first daughter, Avery, and all was good. I drove a pickup truck (I had always dreamed of owning one as a teen and twenty-something) when she was born, and I quickly realized it wasn’t the most ideal vehicle for a mom and a baby. So Eric traded cars with me. I took his Jeep Cherokee and he drove the bright blue truck around.

Everything was great for a few years, the truck got traded in for a more family-friendly SUV. We were happy with our cars and toting Avery around. Then, we found out we were having twins.

I will never forget the day I admitted we really needed to get a minivan. Eric and I were sitting at a local bar and grill. I was six months pregnant with our twin girls, and pretty huge already. I was driving Avery, still in a car seat, around in a vehicle that I knew would never hold her seat along with two infant seats. I remember watching Eric drinking his beer while we were waiting for our food and saying, almost in tears, “You know, these twins will be here soon, and we need to talk about something. I think we need to get a minivan.”

I think Eric was in denial at first. He shook his head no, laughed and responded with, “No, we will be fine. We don’t need a minivan.” He looked at me like I was crazy. Sadly, I shrugged my shoulders and told him I disagreed.

As the weeks went by, the minivan idea reappeared in our conversations, and we agreed that yes, with twins arriving soon, we definitely needed a minivan.It was like a cruel joke. I never in my dreams wanted to be a minivan-driving mom. But, given our situation with three small children and lots of car seats to deal with, I realized I would have to become a minivan mom. I am not kidding when I thought I would cry.

However, the minivan, even though not very cool or stylish, was a lifesaver those next few years. Captain chairs meant being able to hook the infant seats in easily. Doors that opened on their own meant getting toddlers and young preschoolers into the car easily during afternoon car lines at school. Three rows meant space for little ones to sit keep their hands off of each other during vacations and road trips. And the DVD player might have just been a gift from God, keeping everyone entertained and calm while we focused on getting to our next destination.

A couple of weeks ago, we gave up that minivan. As much as I disliked that vehicle, I have to admit it was the perfect car  for our family while we were raising young girls. A little part of me was sad to see the minivan go. I am glad we have moved past the minivan stage, but I have to say….thank you, minivan, for being there when our family was growing fast and we desperately needed you.  You were actually a great car.