Today’s Inspiration: Coming in Second

I have been second a lot of my life. I’m a twin, and I was Baby B at our birth. I am the second child in our family. I was second string when I played basketball in middle school. In college, My sister was the smarter one–I was second. I was a back-up choice for our sorority’s treasurer position when the woman chosen for first choice had to back out.  According to the numbers, I was runner-up for Homecoming Queen in college. Often times I have made the “top two” list for jobs or positions, and I’ve been the one to come in second. I feel like my life could be described as and compared to the saying  “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”

Sure, there were times when I won first place, or I got what I wanted on the first try. But second seemed way more common. Oftentimes, being second has actually been a blessing. It taught me to be patient, and it taught me to be persistent. It taught me to be humble.Through my years,  I learned to understand that we don’t always get what we want. I learned that sometimes coming in second was a path to bigger and better things. I also learned to not get down about coming in second–although frustrating at times, being happy and healthy were most important.

As an adult, being second choice or second-best in others’ eyes is not as important to me. Knowing I did my best, and seeing my achievements and accomplishments as successful is way more important than how others see me.  In my eyes,  I put myself first :).