Today’s Inspiration: Appreciating “Face” Time with Others

I’m an introvert. This is no surprise to anyone, and I’m sure my friends and family would call me an introvert as well. I am quiet. I am not super-social. I don’t mind attending  social events, but I do much better talking to and interacting with small groups or one-one.  Writing is perfect for an introvert–I can easily get caught up in writing and reading and creating things on my own. I crave alone time, and I enjoy quiet.  Quiet is often a priority.

Even though I love the quiet, I have learned to accept there will always be noise surrounding me. I have friends and family members who love to talk, love to socialize, and love to plan get-togethers. Sometimes, I have to give in to the noise and join in (even though I’m not always comfortable doing so).  The noise is a good reminder for me that I need to have human connections. It’s just as important for me as it is for those connected to me.  As much as it is not my style, it’s time I need to cherish with others. I need to plan for some actual face time with friends and family–not just Facebook, email or texting time.

While I will never be an extrovert–I won’t be one to need attention, speak up about myself, say yes to every invitation, or strike up conversations everywhere I go–not catching up via social media this week has been a good reminder that sometimes we need “face” time with others. My trip to visit family, my date with friends to the movies, joining a friend to catch up over breakfast, and meeting the kids at school for lunch have been good for my heart these past couple of weeks. Making time for others in-person is cherished time and a blessing.