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School Is Starting, And There Are Five Things I Am Not Looking Forward To

School starts in a few days. I’m a routine kind of girl, so I’m thrilled we will get back on a schedule and have all our days planned out with school, appointments and activities. However, there are a few things I really am not looking forward to now that school is quickly approaching.

  1. We have to get up so freaking early.
    Our lazy summer mornings will be gone. No more sitting on the couch in my pajamas with a cup of coffee until 8 or  9 o’clock. The coffee and the pajamas will just have to come with me as the sun rises to school car line drop-off.  Tell me again why little elementary school kids have to start school at 7:30am??
  2. I have to pack lunches every day.
    The dreaded lunch-making duties start up once again. It wouldn’t be so difficult if my girls all liked the same foods. Instead, I have a vegetarian, a picky carb-lover, and two girls are in a peanut-free classroom this fall. Gone are the, “go look in the fridge and make yourself something for lunch” summer days. Momma’s got to get her healthy lunch-packing game back on.
  3. Waiting at the bus stop (or rushing to get to the bus stop on time) is a pain.
    The afternoon bus is never consistent. One day, the bus will arrive five minutes earlier than scheduled, and other days I wait for 20 minutes or longer for the bus to drop the girls off. Once the girls are old enough to walk themselves down the street to our house it’ll be better. But for now, I wait and wait at the bus stop–or I sprint up the street to the bus stop.
  4. I become an afternoon and evening taxi driver.
    Three children means lots of different interests and after-school activities. I become a taxi driver once school starts. Homework gets done in the car some evenings, and drive-thru meals or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches get served in the Suburban. If we are going to fit in everyone’s interests, this is how it has to go down.
  5. I struggle trying to get the kids to go to bed early.
    My girls love late nights. I’m an early-to-bed kind of mom, but getting my kids to bed is a struggle. The first few weeks of school are NOT fun. My little ones turn into temper-tantrum, whiny, emotional, cranky monsters because they take a while to get back on the school sleep schedule.  Our house is a bundle of fun each evening that first month of school.

Bring on the planned-out daily schedule, but some parts of our school day routine just sucks. What parts of the back-to-school routine do you not look forward to?