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I Walked Away From A Job I Loved

When I decided to quit my job, I surprised many. I loved my job, and I was passionate about it. (I think) I was good at what I did. I had found my dream job–a career that was perfect for me. Still, I walked away.

Here’s the easiest way to describe why I made my decision: I have three daughters that look up to me as their mother and role model. They see and hear everything I do, and they learn from my actions.

In my opinion, it was most important for me to show them that I valued myself. What I stand for and what I am willing to tolerate speaks volumes to my daughters. I was willing to walk away from a job I loved because I love myself and what I believe in more.

I want to teach my impressionable girls they should always put themselves, their morals and values, and their needs first too.

My family is more important to me than any job. This summer, it was easy for me to make the decision I would focus my energy on my family this next school year. My children deserve (and I want them to expect) a mother who is strong enough to make difficult decisions, and one who is strong enough to not regret those decisions.

Will I return to work someday? I hope so. I loved what I did, and I’d love to find myself working again. I’m in no hurry, though. For now, I’ll take some time to care for myself, focus on my children and give my family 100% of me.