What Our Sweet Cat Taught Our Family (Thank You, Maui)

Our family had a very difficult week. We lost one of our most loved pets–our cat, Maui.

Maui was a part of our family for over thirteen years. Eric and I adopted her from an animal rescue center when she was just one. Of our three cats, Maui was one that was always available for cuddling or petting, but she never tried to seek our attention. She would never push her way onto the couch or towards the food bowl to eat first. Maui would patiently wait her turn and purr happily while doing so. She was such a calm and loving cat, and our family was so heartbroken to lose her this week.

Our sweet cat taught our family a lot. Here are some lessons we learned from Maui:

You don’t need to seek attention. It will come to you.
Maui always sat back and never pushed her way onto a lap. She never jumped angrily onto one of our other pets. Maui just calmly waited for our family members to pick her up for some cuddle time. She purred in appreciation when we pet her, played with her, or provided her with special treats. She didn’t need to be noticed all the time, and we loved her even more because she was so laid back.

Take time to appreciate even little things.
Maui appreciated every cuddle, cat toy and special treat.
We always could tell when Maui was happy because she had the loudest purr. And when she had time on a family member’s lap, she shared her special purrs. She would tap us with her paw or rub her little head up against our leg or arm when she was happy and grateful.

Maui reminded us to be patient.
Maui had to compete with two other cats, three kids, and a guinea pig. She was the most patient of all the pets and kids in our house. Maui calmly would wait her turn for breakfast, a boost up onto the couch (her tired legs wouldn’t allow her to jump up on her own this past year), or some time on the sun porch. She waited for other cats to run do the door before following behind. She always took her time and patiently waited.

Maui taught us how to love.
Maui loved us so much, and we loved her. She had a knack of coming around when one of us needed a hug, she’d let out a few “meows” and bring her toy mouse to our feet when she knew we were feeling lonely. She would curl up with the twins when they’d fall asleep on the couch. If one of us was sick, she’d stay with us and care for us in her own way. When the girls were babies, she was the first one in their room if they started to cry. She slept next to the girls when they’d nap in their baby bouncy seats. She cared for our family so much.

We will miss our sweet cat. She was so inspirational in teaching and reminding us important rules to live by.

We are so lucky to have been loved by you, Maui, and we are so grateful we got a chance to be a part of your life. We will miss you so much.