I Stopped Trying To Be A Pinterest Mom

I tried to be a mom that was more like Martha Stewart.

I had a moment at home where I decided I was going to be a Pinterest mom. I would start doing more crafting, other than coloring in my seven year-olds’ coloring books with them. I would actually use our oven and cook rather than throw some hot dogs or pancakes in the microwave.

This wasn’t the first time I got the grand idea that I would be more amazing homemade mom-like. I get these bursts often. I have ordered organic fruits and vegetables to be delivered at home with plans to make healthy, home-cooked meals for the family…only to have half the order rot because I’d rather order pizza or go out to eat than cook dinner. I have spent hours on the computer looking up seasonal wreaths, sewing ideas, and DIYs. Then I head to the craft store and purchase yards of fabric, Mod-Podge, flowers, greenery, and special floral wire. Weeks later, the purchases sit in the bag I brought them home in, still waiting to get used.

I decided to order meals from a meal company. All the ingredients right at my fingertips. I just needed to follow the instruction sheet with all the detailed pictures to produce a homemade, delicious and nutritious meal. I tried making the meals for a month. I grumbled the entire time. Prepping the ingredients–all the dicing, slicing and grating–was so time-consuming. Good, real-food meals took a lot of effort and time. I had to cancel the meals because I just couldn’t devote so much time to meal preparation, and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I turned our downstairs bedroom into a craft room. It’s beautiful—all in greens and grays. The furniture is specially made for crafting with multiple drawers, gift wrap and ribbon holders, and other compartments. Each drawer is full of crafty treasures….scrap book paper, glitter, stamps and ink, paint, brushes, watercolors, fancy scissors…anything I need to create is right there at my fingertips.

Unfortunately, my girls use this room way more than I do. I get bored easily if a craft can’t be completed in 20-30 minutes. I don’t have the patience to work all day on a craft project waiting for parts to dry, painting and dying items, and measuring and cutting everything with precision.

I wish I’d learn by now that no matter how many bursts of energy I get to be more crafty and more chef-like, it’s short-lived. I know the truth is I’ll never be a Martha Stewart-like mom. I’ll never have homemade centerpieces on the table every Thanksgiving and my friends won’t be receiving homemade chocolates or ornaments for Christmas. My kids will be having grilled cheese, soup from a can, or Chick-fil-A a few times a week because it’s quick and easy.

In reality, I’m more of an Amazon Prime-type mom. If someone else can make it for me or if I can microwave it, I’m good to go. And I’ve become OK with that. Goodbye, Martha Stewart!