Small Positive Thoughts to Change My Day

It’s my day off today. I love Fridays. I work three days a week, so I often try to plan any appointments and school-related volunteering or take-home work for Mondays so I can do “fun things” on my Fridays off. All week long, I dream of Friday arriving…I can go to the gym and work out! I can plan a coffee date or lunch with a friend if I want to (or I can enjoy some quiet time)! I can go shopping alone and spend time strolling slowly through the aisles and looking at everything! Fridays are what get me through the week.

I woke up today, excited about my day off. However, God had other plans for today. One of my littles, Claire, woke up not feeling good….chest congestion, runny nose, and cough. “Mommy, I don’t feel good,” was the first thing she said when she saw me this morning. The greedy mom in me thought, “It’s just a cold. I’ll get her ready and send her to school. This is MY day. It’s my turn to do some things for me today. I’ve made plans. I give to my family and to others all week long, and I NEED this day.”

But I know and believe that as a mother/parent, our children come first. Claire is feeling yucky today. She NEEDS this day home to rest more than I need my “free day” to play. She needs time to cuddle with mommy on the couch, take a nap or two, and just chill.

So, while I could’ve created a hundred negative thoughts in my head to turn myself into grumpy- poor me-this day sucks for Julie Day, I decided to remind myself to see the positive in this. Just a simple positive thought or two. ┬áDear God, thank you that it’s just a cold that Claire is dealing with. Thank you for slowing the day down so I can spend some one-on-one time with sweet Claire. I’m grateful that I don’t have to work today so I can be at home with her and not worry about finding a substitute at school for today. ┬áToday is a good day to enjoy some down-time with Claire, and I’m grateful.