When You Have A Rough Day, Remember How Awesome You Are

Maybe you are having a rough day and need some encouraging words. Maybe you aren’t, but there was that one day last week you felt like you had a gray cloud over your head. Maybe your no-good, terrible, awful day is still to come. I want to use this post to tell you something…

You are awesome.  I think you are amazing, and you are such a rock star to so many.

You know those days where everything just sucks?  You wish you had someone who would just listen to you vent about anything and everything. Sometimes the problems are big and real. Sometimes the way that other mom gave you an evil eye at last night’s meeting really bothered you and you just need to grumble to someone about it. You wish someone would ask you to lunch or to coffee for some time to talk out all your fears, conflicts, or complaints. You are having a moment where you would love someone to help you figure out what you should do or give you ideas on how to handle it all.

We’ve all been there at one point or another.  Know that if you needed someone to remind you how great you are,  if you needed someone to listen to how ticked off you are after the day you’ve had, I’m here for you. And I bet there are other friends who would be there for you too.

I’ve got your back. I’ll lend an ear. There are many others that I know would too. You just have to ask.

Big or small, there is always someone who will help you through it. Someone who will be able to turn the clouds into sunshine. Someone who will pass you a tissue as you let tears fall. There’s someone who will listen, someone to give you a hug, or someone who will just listen  and refill your wine glass as needed :). Let that friend remind you how awesome you are.

On those rough days, hang in there. Ask me  (or someone) to meet you for a walk or for lunch. Be honest and tell me how things are really going. I won’t judge–I will understand you and be there for you. And I will tell you what a great mom I think you are, that your co-worker was totally wrong to say what she said,  that you totally rocked it when you gave that speech last week, or how great you look today.

Because it’s true–you are amazing, and you will get through those cloudy days. And I (and your other friends) will be here for you.