Moms Should Treat Themselves (And Not Feel Guilty)

I am a mom that rarely buys nice things for myself.

I do a lot of shopping, but money spent at Target, Gap, and other stores are on clothes for the girls or on household products. Shoes, school uniforms, sports equipment, new bath towels…if the kids and the house need it, I’ll make sure they have it. I’ll even throw in “fun” purchases for the kids every now and then– a new board game or glittery lip gloss.  I have some great daughters who help out a lot at home, and they deserve little gifts every now and then.

When it comes to me, though, I have a harder time justifying spending the money on things that I don’t need. If I purchase a new dress for an upcoming night out, I feel guilty because I know I have other older dresses in my closet I could wear. I question myself over and over, “Do I really need a new dress? Should I spend that much on a dress I might only wear a handful of times? Isn’t the blue one in my closet OK?”

I purchase the dress, and I run the questions and thoughts over and over in my head, heading home with a bunch of anxiety and guilt  over what the money would have been better spent on.

Emily is a friend of mine at work. She and I were talking one day about a purchase she made. She decided to order a new lipstick that was more costly than what she would normally pay. She told me how guilt-ridden she was feeling about purchasing it. What if she didn’t like the lipstick at all once she tried it on? What if she didn’t wear it often enough to justify the cost? She was looking forward to receiving her new purchase but was feeling uneasy spending money on herself for something that wasn’t a necessity.

Why do moms feel guilt when they buy themselves a little present? Why can’t we buy a new killer dress, fancy brand-name cosmetics, or the pair of designer shoes we’ve always wanted? Can’t we go out and have our nails done or get a massage every now and then if we want to and not feel bad about the $25 or $50 we spent doing so?

I work just as hard at home as my husband does at work. I have long hours taking care of household chores providing everything at home that my husband and kids need. I’m worthy of spending money on myself here and there. I (and other moms) shouldn’t feel guilty about that. I should be able to treat myself every now and then and enjoy spoiling myself a little. Don’t you think you should too?

Moms don’t need much. Material things aren’t going to change situations going on in  our lives. But it’s nice to have a little joy and feel (self) appreciated every now and then.

Go and do it. Purchase that little black dress you’ve been eyeing, momma. You deserve a little present for all you do!

And don’t feel the least bit guilty.