I’m Not Ashamed to Admit I’ve Had Plastic Surgery

I’ve had plastic surgery. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

When I was pregnant with my twin girls, I gained a crazy amount of weight. I didn’t overeat, I just had two (large) babies growing inside of me. I went full-term for twins (38 weeks) and had to have a c-section scheduled to deliver. By the end of my pregnancy, I weighed more than my six-foot-five husband. No size pregnancy clothes would fit me, and my husband’s extra-large tall shirts wouldn’t either. I had to wear slippers because my feet were so swollen and I couldn’t get my feet into anything. Baby A weighed six pounds, thirteen ounces; Baby B weighed six pounds, seven ounces. Large, healthy twins! Once the girls were born and I recovered from my c-section, I knew we were done growing our family and decided it was time to get my ┬ábody into shape.

I started going to Weight Watchers, and my sister challenged me to do a half marathon with her which was six months away. I worked on getting healthier nutritionally, and I started getting back into shape at the gym. But not all of my body wanted to bounce back. Having the twins did crazy things to my stomach. Muscles were torn in my abdominal wall, and I had a sagging pouch of skin that hung down and looked like some weird smiley face. I constantly had to “tuck” the extra skin into my workout clothes and pants. It bothered me.

I mentioned to my husband how much I hated how my stomach looked after twins and after weight loss. I told him jokingly I needed one of those Mommy Makeovers. He said he’d support whatever I decided. I thought about our conversation for a couple weeks, and I decided I really should seriously consider surgery.

I made the decision to wait until the twins turned two–I wanted to make sure I could keep the weight off and that I would maintain a fitness routine before I decided to spend a lot of money on surgery that was only cosmetic. I continued my routine, and once their second birthday approached, I scheduled a consult with a highly respected plastic surgeon in town.

I was scheduled for a Mommy Makeover to fix my abdominal area, and enhance some other areas. Recovery was not awful–it was difficult, though, trying to not do too much so everything would heal correctly while caring for twin toddlers and a kindergartener.

Am I embarrassed to tell people I had surgery? No. I don’t go around and tell people I had it, but if they ask me about it, I’m happy to tell them what I had done and why I decided to have it. I think that if someone would feel better about themselves and more confident by having cosmetic surgery, then they should go for it.

Do I feel better about my body? Absolutely! Once everything healed, and once I could get back to working out and living my normal routine, I was so glad I made the decision. I didn’t cringe when I looked in the mirror, and I could wear my pants like normal people (without having to tuck in my flap of skin).

Yep, I’ve had plastic surgery, and I’m happier about my body because of it.