How I Pray

I mentioned in another post that I don’t go to church every Sunday. I strongly believe in God, but I don’t feel like I have to attend church to show my love or commitment to God.

I do pray a lot, though. And I pray often–very often. ¬†Here’s how I pray. (I’d love to hear how you pray–or don’t…)

I find prayer time very comforting, and I feel more calm and peace when I do it. Often, during the day, I’ll bust out a “Hail Mary” or an “Our Father” silently in my head while having a stressful or anxiety-producing moment (this is often when kids are in the car arguing while we are rushing to dance or gymnastics practice and we are already running late; or as a full glass of juice gets spilled all over the carpet and I’m trying to stay calm as I clean it up). I pray at work silently when I see the little preschool girls and boys in my classroom. I’ll put my hand on their little heads and think, “God, keep him/her happy and safe today.” or “Let her have a great day today”. I pray with our teachers each morning as our preschool director leads us in prayer. We pray that God helps heal and protect friends and family often; and we pray for peace and love for our preschool and our community. I pray for the people I haven’t met as I pack food bags for them at Food for Families. Prayers run through me all day long.

Mostly, though, my daily prayers are more giving thanks than actual prayers or verses.

I find myself, constantly throughout the day, saying things like, “God, thank you so much for another day with my husband and my girls.” “God, I’m so grateful that Claire’s illness was only a cold and nothing serious.” “Thank you, God, that we can afford groceries each week and not worry about where our food will come from.” ¬†“God, I am so glad you led me to the job that I have and that I am able to help teach these children and help care for them while they are at preschool.”

Even without a weekly church service to pray at, I love prayer and I pray all the time. God is an amazing listener, and I’m glad he’s got my back each day, helping me get through tough times and smiling with me through great times.

How do you pray?