Books I Love

Books To Read – Summer 2017

Looking for a great summer read? Here are some books I loved or found inspiring in some way. Read and enjoy!

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
By Lisa See
This book starts out in a small village in China where families make their money selling tea leaves. Follow the life of a young girl named Li-Yan and where her life takes her. This book is beautifully written, heartbreaking at times, and inspiring. It a great book to bring to the pool or beach to read.


All Is Not Forgotten
By Wendy Walker
If you like dark and suspenseful books, this is the perfect read this summer. In a small town in Connecticut, high-school-aged Jenny is attacked during a party. Her family decides to give Jenny a medication to help her forget about the attack. This book is definitely for those who love psychological thrillers.


Confessions of a Domestic Failure
By Bunmi Laditan
This book is perfect for summer! It’s an easy read that will have you laughing and totally agreeing with the main character in the book. Give yourself a time-out from your kids and enjoy this hilarious book.


In Other Words
By Jhumpa Lahiri
When I was visiting a book store in Asheville, NC, there was a section of books that were wrapped in paper bags with a few adjectives written on each bag to describe the book inside. I picked one, and this gem was inside. In the book (written in English on one side and Italian on the other), Jhumpa writes about her love of Italy and her desire to learn and immerse herself in the language. It’s a beautifully written and interesting book. Very inspiring!


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