Back When I Was a Teen…Some Of My First Poems

Over the weekend, I was cleaning out my closet and came across a box containing a bunch of old stories and poems from my high school days. Many of them were written and created while I was a student at the Fine And Performing Arts Center–FPAC, at Howell High School in New Jersey.

Many of them made me roll my eyes and giggle. How dramatic I was back then, like many teenagers. I thought my writing was so amazing…I thought it would be fun to share some of the first poems I wrote.

Enjoy–and have a good laugh!

I sit alone in the darkness
With only a candle
Illuminating the night
And I think of you
And I think of me
And the memories I have of you
Because memories are forever
And that’s all I have left

A single tear rolls down my cheek
For it is alone too


Hate–I hate you
But hate is such a hard word
I still hate you anyway
I don’t care how harsh the word is

There’s a fire burning deep inside me
It’s raging–raging at you
Wanting to hurt you and burn you
Because it hates you too

Not even a thousand leeches
Could suck the hate out of me
The hate I fee when I see you
Hear you, smell you–I hate you


You hide behind that mask so dark
Why can’t I see the real you?
I really can’t tell who you are,
I can’t get through to you.

You portray yourself as a confident person,
But pull off that mask and see…
Unlock the door you wait behind
Let the child inside run free.

Unmask yourself and take a look,
Learn to live your life each day.
You have so much you can live for,
So throw that mask away!

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