Hi, my name is Julie. Welcome to One Inspired Mom!  I’m a wife to Eric, mother of three young girls, preschool teacher, fitness freak, school and sports volunteer, and so much more. I love books, coffee, and a great glass of wine. My dream day would include enjoying a cup of coffee while it is still hot and not ice cold from sitting on the counter while getting kids ready for school. Then I’d spend the day alone exploring  the local bookstore and picking out a pile of books to bring home and read. Afterwards I’d join my husband or my mom friends for some happy hour appetizers to go with some great red wine.

This blog is where I spill my guts out and write about anything and everything that inspires me to write and share–the good and the bad. Thank you for reading along–I hope my posts can inspire you in some way!

I'm a mom who is always looking for ways to make my family's life less stressful, more meaningful, and full of love and life. Read on as I share thoughts and ideas that inspire me to try to provide that for myself and my family.