I Am A Homebody

I am not ashamed to admit it.

I am a homebody. I love nothing more than to be at home.

It’s not that I’m anti-social. I love my friends and time with them.  But if plans get cancelled or if I have a day that I have nowhere to go, I’m a happy girl.

I love getting to stay in, read a book, organize a cabinet, drink some coffee and write, or sit on the couch and watch meaningless Bravo TV shows. I like being with me. I don’t mind being alone. I actually crave “me” time.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. I have a lot of friends that would much rather travel around, go out with friends and make plans to be social rather than stay at home. They hate being at home. It bores them. They need to have things outside of the house to go to and do.

That’s not me, I guess.

There’s a quote that says, “home is where the heart is”. That’s exactly where this homebody’s heart is–at home.

And I wouldn’t change a thing about being a homebody.


Back When I Was a Teen…Some Of My First Poems

Over the weekend, I was cleaning out my closet and came across a box containing a bunch of old stories and poems from my high school days. Many of them were written and created while I was a student at the Fine And Performing Arts Center–FPAC, at Howell High School in New Jersey.

Many of them made me roll my eyes and giggle. How dramatic I was back then, like many teenagers. I thought my writing was so amazing…I thought it would be fun to share some of the first poems I wrote.

Enjoy–and have a good laugh!

I sit alone in the darkness
With only a candle
Illuminating the night
And I think of you
And I think of me
And the memories I have of you
Because memories are forever
And that’s all I have left

A single tear rolls down my cheek
For it is alone too


Hate–I hate you
But hate is such a hard word
I still hate you anyway
I don’t care how harsh the word is

There’s a fire burning deep inside me
It’s raging–raging at you
Wanting to hurt you and burn you
Because it hates you too

Not even a thousand leeches
Could suck the hate out of me
The hate I fee when I see you
Hear you, smell you–I hate you


You hide behind that mask so dark
Why can’t I see the real you?
I really can’t tell who you are,
I can’t get through to you.

You portray yourself as a confident person,
But pull off that mask and see…
Unlock the door you wait behind
Let the child inside run free.

Unmask yourself and take a look,
Learn to live your life each day.
You have so much you can live for,
So throw that mask away!