Today’s Inspiration: Hot Mess Momma

I am no super mom. I am one of those moms that never have it all together. I’m surprised at how many moms comment how impressed they are that I manage three girls and a job while my husband travels, but I truly am a hot mess.

My kids and I eat out a lot. Every Wednesday night is a dinner out. Mondays usually consists of a pizza order. Chick-fil-A is a weekly staple. And the days we don’t go out, dinner is cereal and milk, soup from a can, or sandwiches and chips or fruit. To make it fancy, we often eat  “picnic style” with a blanket on the floor in front of a movie or TV show.  Days I actually cook, the girls ask me what the special occasion is.

While other moms around me are dressed up each day with makeup on and the latest designer purse or name-brand shoes thrown in the mix, I’ve got my yoga pants thrown on with a t-shirt that hopefully isn’t too wrinkled. I am not good at putting on make-up, so it’s rare if I have any on. The time it takes to iron nice clothes and blend, contour and get made-up  is too much time for me to spare. As much as I’d love to look great, life is way too busy, so do not expect any fashion shows from this mom.

My youngest girls do not like sleeping in their rooms. They sleep with their big sister in her room, they snooze on the living room couch, and sometimes they wander into my bedroom and crawl into bed. By the end of the day, I’m so exhausted I’ll let the girls sleep anywhere so I can grab a little shut-eye of my own.

My days are filled with kids, work, homework, and after-school activities. If my husband isn’t home from work by 9pm, he’s not going to get any of my time (unfortunately). My day is over at that point, and this momma is worn out and done.

Despite all this, I love my kids and my family fiercely. That’s more important than what meals we eat, what clothes and make-up we wear, and where we sleep…So, yes, I’m a hot mess; but I do what I can each day, and that’s enough.

Be who you are momma, and be enough for you and your family.



Today’s Inspiration: When Being An Average Writer is Enough

I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences with others.  I’ll never be a famous writer. I’ll never write a best-selling book or have millions of blog followers.

I’m good with that. I’m OK if only a small group of people read what I write. I know that my writing is just average. It’s not going to win awards. It’s not going to make a difference or change peoples’ lives. I might have a small group of readers, and that’s enough for me.

It’s enough because I just really want to write. I do it to find inner calm and peace in my mediocre life.  Being an average writer is just fine with me.


Today’s Inspiration: The Friendship Tribe

Growing up, I always felt like I didn’t have a lot of close friends. I was friendly with a lot of people, but not too many that were actual friends that I talked to every day, trusted, and went places with. A lot of my friends were boys. I found them easier to hang around with. There was less drama and they didn’t gossip. If they got angry or upset over something, they seemed to move on quickly.  I’ve never had a “best friend”. I don’t remember if that bothered me as a child–it doesn’t now. Sure, I have a twin sister who was kind of like a best friend, but that was family so we had no choice but to hang out together.

Even now, I have a short “close friend” list. I am careful who I trust and who I share with.  I am friendly to many, but my tribe of who I chat with and hang with on a weekly or monthly basis is small.  My friends accept me for who I am, they would help me when I’m in need, and they love me at my worst and celebrate with me at my best.

I watch my middle-schooler navigating through tween years and figuring out friendships. I remind her that it’s important to be friendly to others, but her true friends are ones that care about her, support her, and she finds trustworthy.  We talk about situations that arise between her and some girls she knows and ways to handle them. She’s a lot like me when it comes to friendships–she chooses to stay out of the gossip and drama. It’s not really her style.  I hope that as she figures out what she wants in her friendships, she continues to realize that it’s not how many friends she has, it’s more important to have a few friends who will always be there for her and support her.  It’s more important that they help her feel good about herself and she does the same for them. I hope she is secure enough that she always chooses her friend tribe carefully.




Today’s Inspiration: Living With Intention This Season

We are a couple weeks into Lent. Lots of folks give things up for Lent (chocolate, Facebook, swearing, etc.). Some do reverse Lent challenges (get rid of one thing a day for 40 days to de-clutter your house, etc.).

This year, I’ve decided to try something different. I’m late in the game, as I gave up Peeps (my very favorite candy–and giving them up at Easter season is always quite a challenge) for Lent and am sticking to that decision. But this weekend, I saw a reverse Lent idea that I’m going to add on to each day from now until Easter.

The idea comes from The challenge is” Lent Photo-a-Day”, and it’s easy. Each day, from March 1st until April 16th, a word is  listed  and your challenge is to share a photo each day that goes with the word. You can describe the picture if you want, post it on social media if you want, not say anything about the picture, keep it on your phone or computer, etc. However you decide to share it (or not share it) is totally up to you. It’s your time to use the image and the word to reflect on what it means to you, it’s importance to you, and how it makes you feel.

I love this idea. A word to think about each day, and finding just the right picture each day to describe each word, will help me choose to be reflective. To live with intention. Pictures and images can “say” so many things to so many people.

Are you still looking for a way to reflect this Easter season? The “Lent Photo-a-Day” might work for you too. The list of words for this season is listed below:

Today’s Inspiration: To the Judging Mom

Dear Mom that Judges Other Moms,

I  know I am one of the moms that you choose to judge.  My girls have processed foods in their lunchbox. We eat out A LOT because I hate to cook.  I try to get the girls into bed by 8pm (and 9pm for the oldest one), but that doesn’t always happen. Guess what? I let them sleep in my bed if they can’t fall asleep. If they sleep in their clothes they wore all day, I don’t care. My younger girls read Junie B. Jones, and I’m OK that they say, “shut up” in the book. I am not worried that they will go around saying it to everyone they see. Each of my girls are only allowed to do two activities each because I cannot handle more than that–I don’t have them signed up for piano and chess and all those activities that are supposed to make them “smarter”. My kids eat their breakfast on the couch. I don’t volunteer nearly as much as I used to–but I do what I can because I am doing all I can already. Sometimes I prefer to send in needed supplies because I simply do not have time during the week to get to the classroom.

So, if you want to judge me for how I am raising my girls, go for it. If you want to talk about how I miss so many school events or that I’m always in sweatpants and no make-up when I’m not working–go ahead.  All of us moms are just doing the best we can, the best way we know how. I’m raising good, strong, hard-working girls that have great values. I love them more than anything. That’s more important (to me) than what our day consists of.

To all the moms out there, do it your way and mom the best way you know how to mom.

Today’s Inspiration: Thank You, Blog Followers!

I’m so blessed–and it’s all thanks to you all!

I want to say thank you. It’s been about four months since I decided to start writing this blog. So far, I’ve written 41 posts. Over 85 friends and family have liked or have become followers of One Inspired Mom on Facebook, and I’m up to 30 subscribers on this site. You all rock!

I appreciate all your support–I know that my writing might be boring, it might not relate to your life at all, or reading blogs might not be your thing. Despite that, you are willing to provide support with personal texts or conversations with me regarding One Inspired Mom, you like my posts on Facebook, or you share my posts with others. A million times over, thank you!

While One Inspired Mom might never grow large, and it might not be read much or often, I am so grateful for finding a space to write and share ideas and thoughts, personal experiences and memories.

You are so appreciated! I hope you’ll continue to read on!

Today’s Inspiration: Coming in Second

I have been second a lot of my life. I’m a twin, and I was Baby B at our birth. I am the second child in our family. I was second string when I played basketball in middle school. In college, My sister was the smarter one–I was second. I was a back-up choice for our sorority’s treasurer position when the woman chosen for first choice had to back out.  According to the numbers, I was runner-up for Homecoming Queen in college. Often times I have made the “top two” list for jobs or positions, and I’ve been the one to come in second. I feel like my life could be described as and compared to the saying  “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”

Sure, there were times when I won first place, or I got what I wanted on the first try. But second seemed way more common. Oftentimes, being second has actually been a blessing. It taught me to be patient, and it taught me to be persistent. It taught me to be humble.Through my years,  I learned to understand that we don’t always get what we want. I learned that sometimes coming in second was a path to bigger and better things. I also learned to not get down about coming in second–although frustrating at times, being happy and healthy were most important.

As an adult, being second choice or second-best in others’ eyes is not as important to me. Knowing I did my best, and seeing my achievements and accomplishments as successful is way more important than how others see me.  In my eyes,  I put myself first :).


Today’s Inspiration: What Preschoolers Have Taught Me

I work as a preschool teacher. I don’t feel like I teach them, though. They teach me. Every day. I learn way more from them than they learn from me. Want to know what three and four year-olds have taught me the past few years? Let me share.

Children have taught me to be fearless.
Have you ever noticed how children are afraid of nothing? They will try anything new. Try out some jungle animal yoga poses? Sure! Practice writing letters up on a white board? Of course! Trying something new is exciting to children, and they are willing to attempt anything new.

Children have taught me to say what you mean.
Preschool boys and girls are completely honest. They will tell you exactly what they think. They don’t hold back. If they don’t like a craft, they will tell you they didn’t like it. If they loved the song that was sung at the end of the day, they will tell you so and request that it be sung over and over again. They are truthful and straightforward every day.

Children have taught me that even though they are small, they are capable of doing a lot.
When three year-olds enter my classroom, they seem so small. But they can already do so much. They are able to get their own lunch boxes from their cubbies at lunchtime. They are responsible for throwing away their trash and packing everything back up after lunch.  Children can use the bathroom on their own, and ones that can’t on the first day of school can after a little practice.  Many children can cut with scissors already (or catch on easily after some practice).  They can also learn to recognize their names (and begin writing them) too. Following directions comes easily with a consistent routine. Preschoolers might be small, but they are very capable of doing a lot.

Children have taught me how much fun it is to learn (and we can always learn new things at any age).
Preschoolers are up for anything. They are curious. They want to learn, and they enjoy it even more when it means getting them involved. Letting boys and girls help pour ingredients into a bowl for a cooking activity is such fun! Having them use the classroom pointer to help with the daily calendar allows them to be “the teacher”.   Asking them to show the teacher how to complete a task  (like how to spell their name, or how to build a castle with the blocks) helps them learn by participating and being engaged in learning. One year, my classroom read a book about arctic animals and igloos. One child asked how families keep warm in an igloo. It was a great question, and his curiosity encouraged me to look up the information so I could share it with him and his classmates the next day at school.

Children have taught me that every day is a new day.
For a child, every day is a new and exciting day. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t get “stuck” on disasters that happened the day before. They move on, and they get ready for the next adventure. They are happy, eager, and excited to get up and see what the day will hold.

I’m so grateful for all that I learn from each preschool child.  I am reminded daily of some very important values. They may not know much about the world, but that is one of their biggest strengths. Thank you to my little friends for teaching me so much!